Since we introduced it, Cloud to Cloud has been one of our most popular features. It allows our users to move files from one cloud storage to another. This feature is excellent if you want to move a few files around, but is not optimized for very large volumes of files transfer. It would degrade the quality of services for all our users. To preserve the best quality of service for all our users, we have introduced some size limitations to it.

Cloud to Cloud means that you can copy a file from one service (eg, Google Drive) to another (eg, Dropbox) with a single drag and drop. This single feature means a lot of work on our side. We take care of the download and the re-upload, we make sure the right file format is being used or converted into.

For example, when we do smart conversions to save a file in the storage of your choice.

  • HTML articles are automatically saved as PDF
  • Google documents and spreadsheet are converted to standard formats (.doc, .xls)

For services that don't handle duplicates correctly, Items are renamed to avoid conflicts. We also allow you to copy small folders.

As we've increased the number of supported services, we try to live up to our philosophy: do a little but do it well.

Desktop is not the service designed for high bandwidth and high volume transfers. There's a simple reason for that:
Services that pretend to be extremely fast are never even if we take plenty of precautions to make sure each file is correctly copied, cloud storage has many limitations, including API downtime, file corruptions, and limits on upload. For example, Box doesn't allow uploading files above 250MB on their free plan.

We have learned to deal with their limitations. This is why we don't want to oversell our users and not keep our promises. To make the Cloud to cloud reliable and fluid to everyone, we have decided to limit each transfer to 5GB. Each Cloud to Cloud will be analyzed before being sent. This will prevent the saturation of the service and provide the best Cloud to Cloud experience and file conversion for your daily use.

Limit reached

Of course, over time, if we find ways to improve the side of the Cloud to cloud by keeping a high level of reliability, we will be happy to do so.